The Year Ahead

Around this time every year I try to take stock of where I am at. The past year has certainly seen a lot of change for me. I’ve been in a new relationship which I am really enjoying and work has provided its usual dose of challenges and opportunities.

Looking forward I hope that this is going to be an action packed year. I’m looking forward to getting a few personal goals addressed such as getting into the property market which I have avoided up until now.

From a work perspective I want to continue building the Readify ALM business but also start to shift some focus to the SaaS space both as a solution builder, but also providing guidance and advice to businesses looking to explore this space. With the Windows Azure platform just around the corner I think that development teams will be starting to come to grips with the challenges of building Internet-hosted applications (as opposed to applications hosted on internal infrastructure).

As soon as this happens those of us who have been living a digital lifestyle will have invaluable skills helping those teams integrate with other on-line such as the Live Framework – and even things like Twitter!

This year my patience for people in IT who say no to innovative use of technology in business will be quite low as I’ll be encouraging skunkworks projects everywhere I go 🙂


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