Discount Microsoft Certification Vouchers

Ah the life of a Microsoft MVP is pretty sweet. In exchange for getting to work with technologies you love, you get “free stuff”. Sometimes the free stuff is stuff that only you can use, but other times its free stuff that you can share around. This is once of those instances.

Recently I got an e-mail from Microsoft about how they were going to use the MVPs to increase the awareness of the certifications at Microsoft. Basically, the deal is if you take the promo code AU60233A and visit you can redeem it for 10% off an exam, and you also get a free re-take offer.

In the interests of full disclosure if enough of you do this I can get up to 10 free certification vouchers for myself so its not completely self-less 🙂 I guess the number that I get depends on how many of you use the code above. So get cracking!


4 thoughts on “Discount Microsoft Certification Vouchers

  1. RR. Roberts

    The MVPs got screwed by Microsoft on the certification discount codes. Microsoft is giving everyone a 25% discount and students receive a 50% discount. Sure beats the 10% discount MVPs are offering.

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi there,

    Not sure if that means the MVPs “got screwed” by Microsoft since MVPs can still take advantage of the 25% discount (or 50% if they happen to be a student too).

    I’ve always thought the MVP program is pretty cool from a getting stuff into the hands of people who can provide feedback about their products.

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