Code Camp Oz 2009: Call for speakers!

Are you an active member of the .NET developer community within Australia, or would you like to become more active? If you are why don’t you consider putting forward an abstract to present on a topic at Code Camp Oz 2009.

Code Camp Oz is a community-driven conference held at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga where .NET developers, and those interested in the .NET platform come together and network and socialise all whilst taking in some great technical content from presenters from within the community.

This year we are hoping that speakers will come and present topics in the following areas.

  1. vNext; what are the latest and greatest tools and technologies coming out from Microsoft in the software development space. What are the new features of Visual Studio 2010, what about Team System, what about the new language features?
  2. Data Access; there have been a whole slew of data access technologies released over the last couple of years – so what is the current state of play? What cool things can you do with Entity Framework, what about things like NHibernate and frameworks like Lightspeed or LLBLGen?
  3. Software+Services, SaaS and Web2.0; Microsoft seems to be moving heavily into the Software+Services and SaaS space with new hosted versions of their server products but also building generic application hosting platforms like Windows Azure and online-only frameworks like Windows Live Framework. So how do we as developers plug into this and what does it mean to our industry. This is about the technology and the strategy!
  4. Platform Play; what is happening in the overall Microsoft platform. What are the cornerstones of our future applications? I’m talking about SQL Server, BizTalk, SharePoint, CRM, AX etc.
  5. Application Lifecycle Management and Software Quality; what software development methodologies are worth talking about at the moment? Do people need to know more about Scrum, XP and all that entails – what are the other options like Kanban and how do they relate to the current range of tools. How does software quality play in with agile methodologies and the greater ALM processes in our business. What are the neat new things in the testing space such as PEX? Given how they relate to testability of software topics along the lines of TDD and Dependency Injection (and by extension Mocking Frameworks also rate here – although perhaps equally in the ALT.NET topic area).
  6. ALT.NET;  it’s not all about Microsoft. There is a growing sub-culture within the .Net community that is commited to continuous improvement; embracing ideas from Java, Ruby and other development communities. developers know that tools are great, but they only take you so far. The important things are the timeless principles and practices that lead to well designed, maintainable solutions (updated: Thanks to feedback from Liam of the Oz ALT.NET mailing list).
  7. Tips and Tricks, and Advanced Techniques; every Code Camp should have a tips and tricks session, or maybe even more that one. If you think you can pull together a collection of short sharp demonstrations of how to use common tools better why don’t you put in an abstract? Also consider things like advanced debugging and diagnostics sessions – things that help sharpen your development skills.
  8. Anything cool; I’m seeking a wildcard here. Is there something that you think your fellow developers should be thinking about or using? It might be more of a business orientated session, but it could also be technical.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on preparing your abstract, then use the following guide to submit it.

Guide to Submitting Your Abstract

When you have completed preparing your abstract send it in an e-mail to Mitch Denny ( The abstract should contain the following information:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your preferred contact number.
  3. Your preferred e-mail address.
  4. The title of your proposed session.
  5. A paragraph that explains the content of your session.
  6. The difficulty level of your session 100-400.
  7. Your preferred URL if you have one.

Please remember that by submitting an abstract you aren’t necessarily guaranteed of a speaking session so if you are booking accommodation early (recommended) don’t do it because you assume you are going to get a session – do it because you want to attend the event – presenting a session should be a bonus 🙂

Also consider the relevancy of the material you present and the commitment level you need to pull off a well received session. That said – we would like to encourage everyone to submit a proposal but there are only 14 speaking slots available.

If you would like to just come and attend the event, you can always register!


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