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Code Camp Oz 2009: Speakers & Sessions Announced

Well it took me long enough to do it, but I’ve finally managed to get around to publishing the list of speakers and sessions for Code Camp Oz 2009. You can see the list below. Now that the list is published you should feel comfortable enough to go and book the event (4th and 5th of April – mark it in your calendar!).

Day Time Speaker Session Type Topic
Saturday 8:00 Mitch Denny Information Welcome and Housekeeping
Saturday 8:15 Nick Randolph Full Session 2 Heads are better than 1, building multi-user (multi-touch) software.
Saturday 9:15 Chris Anderson Full Session Building Line of Business Applications in Silverlight 2.0
Saturday 10:15   Break Morning Tea
Saturday 10:30 Adam Cogan Full Session SharePoint – follow the yellow brick road to public web-sites
Saturday 11:30 Liam McLennan Short Session ALT.NET
Saturday 12:00 Chris Hewitt Short Session ServiceBus Introduction
Saturday 12:30   Break Lunch
Saturday 13:00 David Kean Full Session A lap around the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
Saturday 14:00 Corneliu I. Tusnea Full Session Security in a Web/SaaS Environment
Saturday 15:00   Break Afternoon Tea
Saturday 15:15 Bill Chesnut Full Session A Dive into Dublin: WF and WCF Application Server
Saturday 16:15 Steve Godbold Full Session Visual Studio 2010 – a full team suite
Saturday 17:15 TBA Social TBA
Saturday 19:00 TBA Social TBA
Sunday 8:00 Mitch Denny Information Welcome and Housekeeping
Sunday 8:15 Jorke Odolphi Full Session Hosting Your Apps from Vapourware
Sunday 9:15 Justin King Full Session 6 Design Patterns that Every Developer Should Know
Sunday 10:15   Break Morning Tea
Sunday 10:30 Michael O’Dea-Jones Full Session WCF: Configuring the Bastard!
Sunday 11:30 Chris Hewitt Short Session Project Velocity
Sunday 12:00 Bill Chesnut Short Session Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2: Booting from VHD
Sunday 12:30   Break Lunch
Sunday 13:00 David Burela Full Session Cloud computing – A-life using Windows Azure
Sunday 14:00 Paul Stovell and Omar Besiso Full Session Aspect Orientated Programming in .NET
Sunday 15:00 Mitch Denny Information Farewell and Clean

This year I am really looking forward to some of the sessions because we have nice coverage of current technologies you can use and new stuff that is coming out around the corner. There are a few social event things that still need to be locked in and I am taking suggestions for what we do on Friday afternoon/evening, although we have the challenge this year of it not being a public holiday on Friday or Monday (just wasn’t possible this time – sorry!).