Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

Egypt Trip Post #2

Well, I’ve made it to Singapore. It is about 9:35PM local time and I arrived about 30 to 45 minutes ago. It has taken me this long to find an Australia to Singapore power converter and then find a comfortable spot with a power plug. I need to wait until 12:20AM local time before I can find out what gate I need to be sitting at and the flight doesn’t leave until two hours after that.

Still – it was a good trip over, I managed to end up with a few spare seats next to me and took the opportunity to go through some of the material for my sessions at Code Camp in Cairo.


Code Camp Oz 2009: 55 registrations so far!

I was just going through the list of registrations for Code Camp Oz 2009 and so far there are 55 registrations (or rather 55 “tickets”). Whilst it was perhaps a brash decision on my behalf, I decided to try EventBrite as a registration system this year. I coped a little bit of flak this year because the criticism was “why is this better than what we used to do”. That is a fair comment but its still interesting to try new things anyway, you never know what you will learn.

One of the things that I’ve learned, which was also a criticism was that there needs to be a clear way of cancelling attendance. So far I’ve only had two people cancel their attendance so it hasn’t been a big problem but it would be good if EventBrite had that feature (if you know that it does then let me know!).

So far its a been a fairly positive experience using this SaaS solution for helping to manage the event. I’d love it if it allowed us to put out calls for speakers, manage submissions and pull together a schedule. While I want these things I would probably never build them myself so the true benefit of a SaaS solution is that it allows you to focus on what you do best whilst allowing the vendor to gradually increase the feature set.

Tatham Oddie suggested I also look at Tixi which he has helped develop. Maybe we will look at that next year.

Anyway – if you have any feedback about the EventBrite system I would love to hear it, but right now I have to catch my plane!

Egypt Trip Post #1

Once again I find myself sitting in the international departure lounge at Melbourne Airport. This time I am off to Cairo, Egypt with a stop over in Singapore for a few hours. I’m flying out on Singapore Airlines flight SQ228 and will be landing in Cairo on flight SQ492 at about 7am in the morning. All up I am looking at about a 24 hour transit time to get there.

For those of you that read my blog regularly (all two of you), I’m heading of to Egypt to attend dotNetwork’s CodeCamp ‘09 which is run by the local community there. I got an invite to present at this conference via Omar which was an offer just too good to pass up! Besides he has been telling me how cool Egypt is (errr, maybe cool isn’t the word this snowflake would use) so I had to experience it for myself.

I’m presenting two sessions whilst I am over there:

  1. 01V03: Advanced Team Development Practices with Team Foundation Server
  2. 02V01: Adding Automation Support to .NET Applications using PowerShell

These are two of my favourite topics so I hope that the audience gets as excited about them as I do and goes off and experiments with them after the session.