Egypt Trip Post #5

Conference is done. We wrapped up the Code Camp conference yesterday at about 7pm with a cheers all round. This was the first Code Camp in Egypt and I think that you could class it as a success.

Yesterday we headed out to Giza (Cairo + Giza are apparently referred to as Big Cairo because the cities spill over the top of each other). Today Mahmoud is taking us to the pyramids, then the museum and then to the citadel. Then we are catching up with some of the others at Remon’s house.

So far it has been an awesome trip. One thing I have learnt however about presenting in a country where English isn’t the first language is:

  1. I need to speak slower. Australian’s speak pretty fast, and I and probably a little faster than usual when I get passionate about something.
  2. My normal kind of slide deck needs to be modified to provide more context for the discussion so that people don’t have to understand every word I use (helps to differentiate the technical vs. just words).
  3. Egyptians like to ask questions!

Anyway – need to process a few e-mails before we head off for today.


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