Egypt Trip Post #6

It is now over a week since I got back from Cairo. I left the afternoon before what is being called the 2009 Khan el-Khalili bombing. Despite that rather sad ending to the trip I had a great time presenting at the the dotNetwork Code Camp. I have to say that out of all my trips this one has probably opened my eyes the most because Egypt is different in so many ways to Australia.

I’d like to thank a few people for making the trip unforgettable. Firstly Mahmoud who spent so much time driving us around, it was fantastic to see Cairo from a local perspective, much better than being on a tour I would say. Of course, there is Remon, Marianne, Lamees, Remi, Steve, Mohammad Sami and Mohammad Meligy. If I have missed anyone I apologise🙂

Anyway – I need to sign off on this trip because I am off to New Zealand for a holiday with Shelley tomorrow (more blogging!), anyway – here is the final set of photos that I took from my camera.

Thanks all!

3 thoughts on “Egypt Trip Post #6

  1. Logyn

    My name is Logyn, I’m from grade eight and I’m doing a project on Cairo Egypt.
    I was wondering if you would be able to contact me and tell me about the people and the industries in Cairo. Thanks

  2. Mahmoud

    No, thank you for being here … And this is the least we can do, You came to Egypt for free to spread your knowledge with your amazing presentations.

    Thank you very much and I wish you can make it again.

  3. Shady M. Najib

    Nice set of pix Mitch!!🙂 Hope you’d be here again on other events🙂.. I really envy you, now, after seeing the pix.. I should have joined you on tour..

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