Some things that I truly want to master.

As a software developer I tend to get across a great many technical topics to varying levels of depth. I of course have the things that I specialise in, but there are other things that, whilst I am happy enough with my knowledge, I could always stand to go deeper, these things are:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft Dynamics AX; we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally and whilst I can fairly confidently say that I can integrate with it quite well I’m not at the level where I could go out and install a CRM system and advise a customer exactly how each entity is meant to be used.
  2. Microosft SharePoint Portal Server; most of my experience here comes from the occasional piece of control development that I need to do or the random extension point that I want to plug into. However what I lack is the debugging experience for when SharePoint doesn’t do what I expected.
  3. Windows Presentation Foundation; actually I’m not to bad with WPF but I’m no Paul Stovell. Like most things WPF is one of those things where constant exposure helps and I’ve probably done less WPF than anything else in the .NET 3.0/3.5 stack. I’ve got a few pet projects going that are slowly changing that but where I think guys like Paul are way out in front is that they have done some serious thinking not just about all the different ways to do something, but which one is probably the best in a given scenario.

2 thoughts on “Some things that I truly want to master.

  1. Jeremy Thake

    Be really interested to hear how you will approach learning SharePoint and whether you can articulate this in your blog somehow…and also share on If you’ve got any questions…you know where to find me 😉

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