Code Camp Oz 2009: Day 1

Well that is day one of Code Camp Oz 2009 over. We got off to a shaky start when the AV system in the main hall failed to boot up. Apparently it was due to some storm activity in the area that tripped something to stop it turning itself on when the day started.

Anyway – we ended up having the first two sessions for the day in the smaller rooms in the Wal Fife building before the AV guy came and fixes things up for us – then we were cooking with gas!

The sessions were all great and I’d like to thank the presenters for taking the time to pull them together. I think that people got a lot out of the day and we covered topics such as:

After the day was complete we did a wine and cheese tasting with the CSU folks which is always great. I think I might need to stop by on the way out and get a bottle of their port.

Once the official agenda was out of the way some folks headed off to The Union Hotel, The Victoria Hotel and Amigos for some drinks. Our party ended up at a Thai Restaurant to get a bite to eat followed by another round of drinks at The Victoria Hotel (we started at The Union Hotel – some folks did it the other way around).

Anyway – finally time to get some shut-eye so that I can get up in the morning to MC the panel with Graeme Strange, Adam Cogan and now Roger Lawrence.


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