Code Camp Oz 2009: Day 2

In to the home stretch at Code Camp Oz 2009 now. David Burela is currently on stage (just got applause for his dev fabric demo) then we have Corneliu I. Tusnea giving us some more SaaS love.

We started out the day with a panel with Graeme Strange, Adam Cogan and Roger Lawrence which was pretty slow to get started but got a little bit more animated when we started talking about things like certification and estimation. I thought there was some good advice given out overall.

So we are pretty much done for the year so I am going to sign off and enjoy the last few moments, but I just wanted to thank Charles Sturt University, Microsoft (DPE and MVP teams) and Readify for sponsoring the event as well as all of the presenters.

  • Nick Randolph
  • Chris Anderson
  • Adam Cogan (panelist and speaker)
  • Liam McLennan
  • Chris Hewitt
  • David Kean
  • Paul Stovell
  • Omar Besiso
  • Bill Chesnut
  • Steve Godbold
  • Graeme Strange (panelist)
  • Roger Lawrence (panelist)
  • Justin King
  • Michael O’Dea-Jones
  • David Burela
  • Corneliu I. Tusnea

I’d also like to thank all the attendees who made the trek to Wagga Wagga. The sense of community at the event has been fantastic. See you all next year!


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