How Microsoft is getting its groove back.

I’ve been watching the press around things like Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010. It seems that for the most part the new operating system, tools and suite will be well received by the technical community.

I suspect that after Windows Vista (which I didn’t really mind by the way) most people are actually looking for a good news story to get them to upgrade from Windows XP. From a developers perspective, Visual Studio 2010 is going to be a stellar development environment with lots of good incremental enhancements in the runtime which extend its reach, but also a big focus on quality and architecture tools in the higher editions.

Things are looking up if you are a Microsoft developer.

3 thoughts on “How Microsoft is getting its groove back.

  1. Bill

    What do you mean looking up, Microsoft has always been the platform for developers. You must mean that Microsoft is now going to crush everything.

  2. silky

    Personally I have absolutely no interest in ever upgrading from XP. I’d only do so on fear of death.

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