Monthly Archives: June 2009

A New Role

On Monday this week an internal announcement was made about my future at Readify. The big news is that I’m transitioning out of a full-time consulting role to become Readify’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). On one hand I am really excited about the opportunity but also humbled by the challenge ahead of me.

As a consultant I had the certainty that when I got up in the morning I would head out a client engagement, be confronted a challenge and throw myself into it knowing that I had the intellectual might of other Readify consultants behind me – in a way I couldn’t fail.

In a lot of ways my success still depends on those people who surround me, both consultants and the rest of the management team but ultimately I have to stand up and say “that is what I’m responsible for”.

As I am the first CTO at Readify I’m able create my own role description but I suspect that will be a fairly dynamic thing depending on what the precise needs of the organisation are as it grows and evolves. Perhaps my role description is defined by the challenges I know I will face over the next twelve months.

How To: Write an ADSL stability checker in 5 seconds…

For the past week or so we have been having some stability problems with our Internet connection at home where it would be going up and down every thirty seconds or so (variable depending which direction you were holding your tongue).

We finally got some engineers out this morning and they were trying a few things and of course I had to keep jumping back onto the computer to test if it was working. In the end I decided it was much more fun just to write a quick program in PowerShell. Here is what I came up with.

$ping = new-object –type System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping
for (;;) { $ping.Send(“”).Status; sleep 5; }

Hey presto! The Telstra guys were suitably impressed 😛