A New Role

On Monday this week an internal announcement was made about my future at Readify. The big news is that I’m transitioning out of a full-time consulting role to become Readify’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO). On one hand I am really excited about the opportunity but also humbled by the challenge ahead of me.

As a consultant I had the certainty that when I got up in the morning I would head out a client engagement, be confronted a challenge and throw myself into it knowing that I had the intellectual might of other Readify consultants behind me – in a way I couldn’t fail.

In a lot of ways my success still depends on those people who surround me, both consultants and the rest of the management team but ultimately I have to stand up and say “that is what I’m responsible for”.

As I am the first CTO at Readify I’m able create my own role description but I suspect that will be a fairly dynamic thing depending on what the precise needs of the organisation are as it grows and evolves. Perhaps my role description is defined by the challenges I know I will face over the next twelve months.


28 thoughts on “A New Role

  1. faithrees

    Glad to see you on that management alias at last:-) Well done Mitch- thunderbirds are go!

  2. Steven Nagy

    Hey Mitch, its a big responsibility. Ignore trollers – they obviously have no idea about what your role actually entails. The promotion signifies something better for Readify in general and that’s all that matters. Having a fair idea of what this role might actually required, I know you are the best person for the job.

    As first matter of course, bring back Where’s Wally. =)

  3. isuphimself-uphimself

    Some people achieve great things on there own Mitch – you have done really well! Don’t worry about ‘no talents’ that can only get small moments of self perceived limelight, by putting others down.

  4. Patrick

    Congratulations Mitch!
    Well deserved. I hope you get to stay technical and don’t get swallowed up in the black hole of management meetings.

    Hey, will you be presenting at TechEd this year ? I assume it will be the usual TFS based focus ?
    Would love to see an Architecture / Best Practices / “This is what i’ve seen at clients, don’t do this if you want your project to succeed” session from you.


  5. silky


    Personally I would never even take a role as a CTO if I didn’t get to be programming. I don’t think there is any real “skill” in managing, or hiring smart people to do work for you. If you consider it a “skill” in noting which people are smart and which are not, and taking advantage of them to your profit, then good for you, but I don’t share your beliefs.

    What I’m getting at is that if the role of a CTO involves day-to-day programming as aside from general “strategy” decisions (which, IMHO, anyone can do) then I congratulate Readify (a company I don’t really like [full disclosure: I was rejected for a job, but that’s not why]) for taking that approach.

  6. Patrick

    Wow, I didn’t realise Readify has upset so many people to get such reactions here. I have no particular in Readify itself really. I worked with Mitch many years ago and know he is an incredibly skilled individual. The last time I heard him present a few years ago, TFS was a focus… I guess everyone has moved on from that now. Fair enough 🙂

    @silky. I would suggest that if the CTO of a normal company is doing day-to-day coding, there are some pretty major problems in that company. I would also think you’ve been unfortunate enough to have worked with some pretty poor managers to have such a low opinion of the role. Making solid strategic decisions and correctly steering a company is an incredibly difficult thing to do well.

    To CTOroleDumbedDown and IsMitchUpHimselfAgain. Guys (girls?), if you dislike Mitch and/or Readify so much, why are you spending your time reading this blog ?

  7. Bill

    So your creating the role description? sounds like a driving business need for the role then. Congrats on the token appointment, all that strategic direction etc can take a back seat to hours of coding.

    To Patrick, lots of people follow mitch and the Readify boys, I work for a company that is much larger than Readify and that only competes in a small way with Readify, but let me tell you Readify are the butt of most of our jokes, they have this idea that being loud in the community equals being good. It’s an interesting marketing strategy.
    Mitch keep up the public reflections and keep getting your other little goldfish to pat you on the back and prop you up. Your keeping the Australian development community entertained.

  8. silky

    I’m a little amused by the general response to some guy getting a new job within his company 🙂

    and @CTOroleDumbedDown don’t worry, you’re not the only person to not understand what I’m saying or meaning, don’t take it personally 🙂

  9. Karen Marree

    Congratulations Mitch! Really glad to hear about your new role within Readify. Please say hi to the guys who might remember me.

    these trollers are amusing in an ‘any press is good press’ way, must be nice to have that much free time on their hands

  10. Quinten Miller

    Congrats Mitch.

    For those that feel the need to try and abuse/bully someone who is truly talented, I pity you. Not only are you showing how small you are, you have to hide behind anonymity, WEAK…

    For those of you questioning what a CTO does, a CTO in a tradition sense is generally a waste of time. I’ve worked under various CTO’s that do nothing. They hire, fire and manage.

    Mitch will actually bring and understanding of technology to the role, this is a quality that most CTO’s lack in a big way.

    I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with Mitch in the past and he is an extremely smart software engineer.

  11. Wile1one

    To be honest – I did not read through the comments on this post. I just wanted to add my congrats to Mitch… So now let ME respond to the pundits in the mix.

    Mitch is well respected by many more people than those who regard him as “taking yourself and Readify a bit too seriously” – whatever you think of his organisation – which I also regard well.

    I too find it astounding that some “Big Fish” find it necessary to dump on a bloke so publicly. I would love them to name the companies they work for and the roles they have within them. Lets stack up your achievments against Mitch – then see what right you feel you have to dump on him.

    Mind you Mitch is more than capable of looking after himself, but I regard myself as a mate, and so feel outraged at such comments.

    Tell you what “Big Fish” – issue a challenge publicly – put up a problem which would benefit the community in general – and come up with a solution in a challenge against Readify… put your “Big Talent” where you big mouths are…

    Bet you Mitch and his team would come up with a better solution in less time.

    Choke on it.


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