Monthly Archives: October 2009

Coding Tests in Technical Interviews

Like most organisations, when recruiting Readify conducts a series of coding tests. I won’t go into those tests in detail but one thing that I reflected on today was more around the evaluation of those tests and the difference between “good code”, “acceptable code”, “bad code” and “not my code”.

As we grow we have to distribute the recruitment evaluation process across some of our more senior developers/consultants rather than just relying on a few people (people tend to do tours of duty when it comes to recruitment effort).

The problem is, even amongst the reviewers there is some differences in the way people would implement things. Someone’s “acceptable code” might be what I call “good code” because of its simplicity.

Unfortunately, code reviews will always be subjective. So it is important for candidates to do the absolute best job they can do without flipping over into over-baking any particular solution. Likewise it is important for reviewers to learn to distinguish the difference between “acceptable/bad code” and “not my code”.

Ahead: A time of optimism.

The last eighteen months has been a rollercoaster from an economic point of view. Around the world the financial empires crumbled. Australia faired better than most with its regulatory controls but we still felt it. Looking ahead the future looks much brighter, the economy seems to be fighting its way back and people are starting to be optimistic about where things are going.

Optimising is the birth place of creativity, and for a software developer you want business to be thinking creatively.