Ahead: A time of optimism.

The last eighteen months has been a rollercoaster from an economic point of view. Around the world the financial empires crumbled. Australia faired better than most with its regulatory controls but we still felt it. Looking ahead the future looks much brighter, the economy seems to be fighting its way back and people are starting to be optimistic about where things are going.

Optimising is the birth place of creativity, and for a software developer you want business to be thinking creatively.

1 thought on “Ahead: A time of optimism.

  1. Darren

    So true. I think what we’ve been through also highlights that a downturn is not an excuse to take the foot off of the pedal when it comes to creativity and innovation. Because when you come through the other side of a downturn, you need to have innovation to show.

    As the saying goes:

    “You reap what you sow”

    If you haven’t “planted” in the Winter of the downturn, then you will not reap any harvest in the Summer of the recovery.

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