ASP.NET MVC Unleashed by Stephen Walther

0672329980 Full disclosure, I received a review copy of ASP.NET MVC Unleashed from the author – Stephen Walther (actually, more precisely Ruth Walther who I worked with long ago in the early days of INETA).

Whilst I didn’t purchase the hard copy of this book I’m seriously thinking of purchasing a soft copy (in Kindle format) so I can always have a copy handy as a bit of a quick reference. Most of the time I find that books come in two forms, front to back cover reads, or indexed references. This book sits somewhere in the middle because if you haven’t used ASP.NET MVC before it would probably be a good idea to at least do one pass front to back to get an appreciation of what is possible with this exciting framework.

But I also find this book to be a bit of a cookbook for how to use MVC in your own applications so in a way its good as a reference as well. As usual Stephen’s writing style is very approachable and he does a good job of explaining key concepts and expanding on them with examples.

If you are looking to get into ASP.NET MVC I would strongly recommend this book. If you are just getting started with ASP.NET I’d also recommend Stephens other book, ASP.NET Unleashed as a bit of a primer.


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