Presenting at the Canberra VSTS User Group

Tomorrow morning I am presenting at the Canberra VSTS User Group (should this be called the Canberra ALM User Group now?). I’ll be presenting on the topic of Visual Studio 2010 Test and Lab Management which has been something near and dear to my heart of the recent months.

You have about 14 hours left to get your booking in according to the registration page so you had better get cracking if you are interested in coming along.

In the session I provide an overview of what MTLM is and what problem it is trying to solve and move onto looking at some of the core topics, including:

  • Planning your testing effort.
  • Writing test cases against user requirements.
  • Tracking your testing effort across multiple configurations.
  • Recording test runs for playback.
  • Automating test runs in lab environments using Coded UI tests.
  • Understanding when its time to automate testing.
  • Tips for getting started with lab management.

During the session I’ll actually be showing a live environment which is actually being used. Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to upgrade to the Release Candidate that was released today, but I’ll point out any significant differences you are likely to find.


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