Readify Devpods – coming up for air.

DevpodLogo For the past eight months since taking on my new role I’ve been nearly 100% focused on building our project delivery capability. Readify consultants have always taken lead roles on challenging software projects that adopt the Microsoft platform either in direct engagements with our customers or through our various partners.

Devpods add to our market offerings by giving organisations that don’t have an internal development team, or who need a high performance team to just get in and get the job done. We have already deployed a number of Devpods and I’m happy to report that they are working extremely well.

Methodology and Tools

We use a combination of the Scrum methodology and Microsoft’s latest ALM tooling to keep the projects on track and make sure all stakeholders know what is going on. In fact the presentation that I am giving tomorrow in Canberra actually shows off some of this tooling.


Of course – there is a lot more to building a project delivery capability to market than saying we use Scrum and installing a bunch of software. Thought needs to be given to how we promote the concept to potential customers, understanding who our customers really are as well as pulling together some of the other collateral such as standard proposals.

Fortunately most of this is behind us now and we can start to focus on engaging with more customers.

Next Steps

Now that I’ve got the time to sit up and look around I’m starting to see some of the other things that I need to focus on to continue to strengthen the offering. Whilst we are already delivering Devpod projects to customers already we’ve picked up a few good ideas that we’d like to invest in.

Anyway – at least you know what I’ve been up to for the last eight months.


One thought on “Readify Devpods – coming up for air.

  1. Mahmoud Ghoz

    I wish you can share in your blog the way you use to accomplish these tasks. And I would like to know more about the challenge you face and how the people react with these changes. I am eager to hear more from you

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