USA Driving Tour, Day 0: Airport Lounge

Today Shelley and I are off on a three week holiday to the USA, doing a bit of a drive around the western states. We booked the flights over six months ago on V Australia. Right now we are sitting in the Malaysian Airlines Lounge because V Australia doesn’t have one yet.

The big drama on this trip so far has been that I had a bit of a fall last weekend which resulted in a knee injury (bruised bone, torn ligament, and a dislocated patella). I did it walking the dog when three dogs ran up behind me and tried to occupy the same space as my leg – I came off second best. Anyway, a week later it is feeling much better and the doctor gave us the green light to travel so I’ll spend the next week on crutches then I should be OK walking around.

Anyway – we a flying into LAX then jumping in a hire car and heading off to Las Vegas which is probably where my blog post will be from.


4 thoughts on “USA Driving Tour, Day 0: Airport Lounge

  1. Shaz

    Have an awesome time! I will be reading regularly!

    We had one helluva storm yesterday. Good thing you missed it. Check out the Herald Scum website for the pics showing the damage. It was amazing. We were home and Altona escaped relatively unscathed compared to the city and the eastern suburbs but there are still flooded roads everywhere. I think you guys live too far south so I reckon the chances are pretty good your area escaped major damage.

    Take care of your knee. Don’t do too much. I know it will be tempting 🙂 Big Love xx

  2. Shell

    Hiya Shaz,

    Sounds like e missed a great storm. Mum messaged to say that you had quite a bit of rain – kinda different for Melbourne these days :).

    So far the USA has been fun, Mitch is getting around, it is a bit hard in Vegas as the distances are quite far on crutches.

    More news soon.

    🙂 Shell

  3. driv

    wow, cool youre from aus and tour to us, id like to it, i have a dream to vegas. look a good nightlive inther, but im asian

  4. Airport Lounge

    I came across your post as an ecentric mix of dog accidents and airport lounges (the field I work in). I had a similar accident where my dog was ‘playing’ with another – running in circles chasing each other – and I was suddently buzzed by my dog, and hit by the other as it couldn’t turn as quick. I was out for weeks, so am amazed that you are up for a three week trip so soon after your addident. From the lack of posts, I guess you are having a good time. I’ll come back to check.

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