USA Driving Tour, Day 1ish: Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas

Well here we are in Las Vegas. We landed in Los Angeles yesterday and drove the 136km to Victorville. We were a bit tired after the flight so this was as far as we could make it before my blackouts became dangerous 😉

Along the way we stopped off in San Bernardino at Papa Tony’s Diner and got some pointers about the road ahead. We missed most of the heavy traffic that came through on Friday so we had a clear run.

Victorville was interesting and we managed to drive around it a few times. When we got into the hotel we realised that I had incorrectly assumed what kind of plugs were used over here (you’d think I’d know by now given I’ve been here several times). Anyway the result was we had to drive around the town a bit to find a place where we could find some adapters.

Ironically for dinner we headed over to the Outback Steakhouse for some good old Aussie cuisine – well not quite, I didn’t really spot anything uniquely Australian on the menu – not a snag in sight.

This morning we set off again to cover the final 294km to Las Vegas. The road between Victorville and Las Vegas is mostly desert with plenty of shrubs. There is some very dramatic scenery especially as you head down into various valley’s and can see the highway heading up the other side.


While in Vegas we are staying in Treasure Island which is one of the casinos here. This was the first time that either of has had been to Las Vegas so we decided to go and gamble a little bit, neither of us are really big gamblers but I wanted to play a hand of Texas Hold’em. We had dinner at the Coffee Shop and played a bit of Keno (first time) and then headed over to The Mirage via a little tram that runs between both venues.


Tomorrow we are planning on doing a bit of shopping at a factory outlet and I’m going to take Shelley to Frys which has to be one my my favourite shops in the US.


One thought on “USA Driving Tour, Day 1ish: Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas

  1. Jacquie

    Sounds like you’re having a brilliant time – have a go at Roulette while you’re in Vegas, 10 x $1 chips, almost guaranteed to win something!!!

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