USA Driving Tour, Day 3/4: Las Vegas NV to Springdale UT


I’ve been having some technology issues that have stopped me putting up some posts but I thought I might catch everyone up with what we have been doing.

On Wednesday earlier this week we moved on from Las Vegas and headed north east towards Springdale (in Utah) which is next to the Zion National Park.

We found a nice lodge called Majestic View which you’ll find a few miles before the town centre of Springdale itself. The name of the lodge doesn’t do the view justice, the photo above is from the carpark of the lodge. The lodge has a restaurant where we decided to have a late lunch and resolved to come back for dinner. Unfortunately for us we didn’t realise that we crossed a time-zone so we headed over for a feed half an hour after the restaurant had closed. The hotel front desk pointed us towards the Bit & Spur and rang ahead for us. I had one of the best steaks I’d had on the trip so far.

As you can probably tell from the photo the climate is a bit chilly in this part of the world but that didn’t stop me going to dinner in shorts and reefs 🙂 Shelley had told me that the weather was going to be cold, but I couldn’t believe that it could get that cold in the middle of the desert. The driveway literally had ice all over it the following morning. Brrrr.


One thought on “USA Driving Tour, Day 3/4: Las Vegas NV to Springdale UT

  1. Bob

    We visit Utah at least 4-5 times a year. St George is a great place and Snow Mountain Park is beautiful – fantastic hiking.

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