USA Driving Tour, Day 4/5: Zion National Park to Grand Canyon National Park


On Thursday we headed east through the Zion National Park around to Page (in Arizona) and then on to the Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim). The north rim is closed this time of year (due to snow presumably).

Going through the Zion National Park was a real highlight and we got to climb up through the mountains (in the car, I’m on crutches you know) and go through a narrow tunnel (Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel). There was quite a bit of snow on the ground and we had to be careful.

DSCN1401The picture above is of the checkerboard mesa which is visible from one of the viewing points along the road. Once we got to the top of the park and headed out we got to see what a farm looks like when it is covered in snow.

Then it was a relatively long drive around to Page in Arizona which really showed off some of the rugged country-side.

Page itself is situated next to Lake Powell where a lot of people take holidays on houseboats. We didn’t spend too much time here as we wanted to get to the Grand Canyon before nightfall (and I couldn’t figure out how to find the water with the GPS).

DSCN1443 We entered into the Grand Canyon National Park from the east and got the see some great scenery. After getting lost in the village itself we headed out the south exit to find our hotel (Canyon Plaza Resort).

There is actually an IMAX right next door which we went to see a video about the Grand Canyon that shows off some of the scenery that we could not get to.

There was an amazing amount of snow around at the moment, and virtually every bit of ground from the east entrance into the village to our hotel just outside the south entrance was covered – except for the roads which appear to have been ploughed and salted.


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