Australian ALM Conference – coming up!

AALM_Logo On the 13th and 14th of April this year I’ll be presenting at the Australian ALM conference. It is the first annual event of its kind in Australia focusing purely on ALM topics.

As an ALM focused guy I find this pretty exciting. I’m also honoured to be speaking at the event this year amongst a great line up of presenters including:

  • Dr. Ivar Jacobson (Ivar Jacobson International)
  • Sam Guckenheimer (Microsoft)
  • Tanuj Vohra (Microsoft)
  • Stephen Godbold (Readify)
  • Richard Angus (Wardy IT)
  • James Crisp (ThoughtWorks)
  • Jason Che-Han Yip (ThoughtWorks)
  • Dave Glover (Microsoft)
  • Andrew Coates (Microsoft)
  • Jeff Findley (MicroFocus)
  • Adam Cogan (SSW)
  • Jeremy Thake
  • Alex Mackey (Imagine Interactive)
  • Richard Banks (Readify)
  • Peter Ward (Wardy IT)
  • Tatham Oddie (Readify)
  • Anthony Borton (Enhance ALM)

My session will be on “Gathering High Quality Requirements with SketchFlow” and will focus on how development teams can use SketchFlow as part of the requirements gathering process early on in the project lifecycle.

Right now I think that there is a 20% of tickets purchased during March (sorry for the late notice) and a free copy of Expression Studio 3.0 which is pretty cool given the topic that I am talking about (SketchFlow is part of Blend 3.0 which is part of Expression Studio 3.0).

If the moons align this should also be one of the first conferences following the release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 so a lot of the content should be pretty fresh and they’ll be plenty of early adopter stories to swap with other attendees.

Anyway – if you haven’t already booked a ticket, go and do it now!


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