Shipping software, its not all about the code.

Ah the week that was! We currently have a project underway building a solution for a customer. All in all the software seems to be coming along quite well doing what it needs to do. The team is leveraging some of the thinking around some previous software they had developed which I think has helped them a fair bit and there are some really cool capabilities.

But, shipping software is not all about the code. The team had a few challenges this week where we realised we weren’t reporting adequately to the customer which means they didn’t have the visibility that they required. Our build lab also had some issues which hadn’t been addressed and so consequently when the customer asked about progress we weren’t able to demonstrate right that second.

The good thing about working at Readify is that there is the depth of talent and the desire to rectify problems when they are discovered and so I am pleased to say that we got our reporting back online very quickly (supported by some work item tracking process improvements) and manually deployed to the lap whilst the automated deployment is getting fixed (job for next week). Unfortunately we didn’t bring the reporting back online fast enough to realise that we may need to drop some features in this iteration/sprint – so it feels like a surprise.

In summary, even though we were doing great on the technical aspects of delivery, we needed to increase the priority on making sure the other aspects of the project housekeeping were being done. This is the essence of the DevPod process (a combination of Scrum and Visual Studio ALM tooling that we use internally).


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