Monthly Archives: November 2010

Version Control & Build Automation Guidelines

A few people from Code Camp Oz 2010 asked me to upload a copy of the two documents that I showed during my Team Build Patterns & Practices session. The two documents have been posted under “technical resources” on the Readify homepage, specific links are as follows:

I needed to vet them a little bit because they were somewhat Readify specific, but they should be reusable now. Please feel free to use them as the basis for your own internal version control and build automation policies for your development teams.

Flight delayed, so I set up SharePoint User Profile Synchronisation

Still at Melbourne Airport waiting for my flight to Perth (delayed from 8:30pm to 11:00pm). Figured I would use the time productively to work on a job that I’ve had on my backlog for a few weeks – configure user profile synchronisation between Active Directory and SharePoint 2010.

I’ve been using two resources as my guide:

The SharePoint Dev Wiki is more of a rough and ready guide that assumes that you aren’t really shooting for a super secure configuration. The TechNet article assumes that you are setting this thing up for use by the CIA. Neither was true for me – I wanted something that was a fairly basic configuration but still relatively secure. I got there in the end but I have to say it is a bit of a painful process. Still – learning something always involves a little pain.

HDMI to VGA Cables

I’m hanging out in the Virgin Blue Lounge, about to head over to Perth for a few days. I’m going to be helping a customer with some ALM strategy and seeing what I can do to kick-start a project. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to catch up with some of the Readify lads over there as well.

Before I went to the airport I needed to stop by the shops to pick up a HDMI to VGA cable – think I could find one? Apparently they don’t exist – there seems to be a few HDMI to DVI cables but not to VGA. Apparently VGA is a dead technology – which I am quite happy about, but unfortunately I don’t think anyone has told the projector manufacturers and I don’t think all those companies with data projectors deployed in their offices are going to upgrade until they get an unacceptably high number of people walking in without the ability to use the projectors.

Oh well, I’ll get I’ll need to use Plan B for my meetings Smile

Time to re-arrange my laptops.

Let’s file this one under useless trivia that no-one other than me would be interested in. I’m in the process of re-arranging my local development environment, rationalising it a little bit. On my desk right now I have three laptops, a HP Envy 15 with 8GB RAM and an i7 processor. I hardly ever use this machine, which is a huge waste, I tend to run a lot of VMs on it – but I certainly don’t use it everyday. The machine that I use most of the time in my MacBook Pro 17”, but I never in Mac OS X, only in Windows 7. I love the screen. The third laptop is my old Fujitsu Tablet PC. Combine all this with my two 24” screens and I’ve got a fairly powerful development environment.

Its time for a change though. I’m going to change my MacBook to just run Mac OS X, so that I can do a bit of cross platform development. The HP Envy 15 will become my main day to day machine for work and will run Windows 7. The Tablet PC will be going to Bella for a PC in her room (she has reached that age) and my old MacBook Air will be going to Shelley’s dad (more than likely).

Anyway – this project will take some time to complete over the next few days, but I am looking forward to having more space on my desktop.