Daily Archives: November 6, 2010

NuPack is now NuGet!

Recently I put up a blog post about NuPack, a new package management utility for the .NET platform. I think this is a very significant project but it turns out the team needed to change the name of the project to avoid any confusion with another (unrelated) software product.

The new location for the renamed project is: http://nuget.codeplex.com.


Time to re-arrange my laptops.

Let’s file this one under useless trivia that no-one other than me would be interested in. I’m in the process of re-arranging my local development environment, rationalising it a little bit. On my desk right now I have three laptops, a HP Envy 15 with 8GB RAM and an i7 processor. I hardly ever use this machine, which is a huge waste, I tend to run a lot of VMs on it – but I certainly don’t use it everyday. The machine that I use most of the time in my MacBook Pro 17”, but I never in Mac OS X, only in Windows 7. I love the screen. The third laptop is my old Fujitsu Tablet PC. Combine all this with my two 24” screens and I’ve got a fairly powerful development environment.

Its time for a change though. I’m going to change my MacBook to just run Mac OS X, so that I can do a bit of cross platform development. The HP Envy 15 will become my main day to day machine for work and will run Windows 7. The Tablet PC will be going to Bella for a PC in her room (she has reached that age) and my old MacBook Air will be going to Shelley’s dad (more than likely).

Anyway – this project will take some time to complete over the next few days, but I am looking forward to having more space on my desktop.