Reflector, why not pay for it?

I’m surprised at the somewhat negative reaction by the .NET community about RedGate’s recent announcement about charging $35.00 dollars for the basic version of .NET Reflector. For those who don’t know the history, Lutz Roeder handed .NET Reflector over to RedGate so that they could maintain and enhance it into the future.

.NET Reflector is an awesome tool and I’ve used it countless times to get a better understanding of “how stuff works”. I wouldn’t be the .NET developer I am today without this tool. So I’m definitely going to cough up the $35.00 dollars, and you know what, now that I’ve sat down and thought about it, I might go and get the Pro version.

My only hope is that Lutz got a good deal when he handed over the tool to RedGate, but that doesn’t diminish the value of the tool, and if Lutz had decided to start selling it I would have happily have paid for it then as well.

Using .NET Reflector is not some special right that the .NET community has. We’ve been lucky to get it for free for so long given how useful it is. Looking forward to version 7.0!


One thought on “Reflector, why not pay for it?

  1. Jonathan Wood

    Yes, it is an awesome tool and very well implemented as well. I’m also not against companies charging for cool products. However, didn’t Red Gate agree to keep the basic version free when they took it over?

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