A New Comments Policy

Recently I have been receiving some unwelcome comments on my blog. The approach used by who I believe to be an individual is to post comments on my blog which either attack me personally, or Readify (my employer). I’ve decided to stop approving these comments from the moderation queue on this blog because they contain false and damaging information. In the past I have tried to look past any personal attacks and approve comments but it has gotten to the point now that it is causing me some distress.

I still want people to participate on this blog when I post content, so with that in mind I have created a Comments Policy. Everyone is welcome to comment, but I reserve the right to not post those comments to the blog if they are false or misleading. In general, if you properly identify yourself so you to can be scrutinised for what you say in a public forum, then I will let your comment through.


One thought on “A New Comments Policy

  1. lzcd

    “Hmmmmm…. interesting” he thinks as he reads the beginning of a new comment.
    “Doh!” he exclaims as he realises it was a comment posted without any opinion or view expressed beyond the shear love of the inane and pointless.

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