Mail relay limitations in Office 365

A little while ago I tweeted about a limit in Office 365 we came across regarding the number of unique e-mail addresses a single Office 365 account could send to within a rolling 24 hour period. The people behind the @Office365 Twitter account contacted me to get more information and confirmed that this limit existed, and that currently they have no plans to change it.

Obviously I was disappointed because a send limit of only 1500 unique recipients in a 24 hour period ultimately means we need to introduce more complexity into our environment which offsets the benefit of using a cloud hosting provider.

Today I saw e-mail communications from our internal team coming up with a plan on how to work around this limitation, but it still strikes me as unnecessary. Surely this is something that Microsoft can change, especially considering that they have brought CRM 2011 into the OSDP environment and through the use of automation and workflow you can end up sending quite a bit of e-mail.

Please Microsoft – get this sorted!


2 thoughts on “Mail relay limitations in Office 365

  1. Matthew Adamczyk

    Yea… but what what wsa the workaround? Please share! 1st, MS requires you to eat a license to relay your LOB e-mail, 2nd they put limits ON those e-mails. I’m up against the wall due to these limitations.

  2. Mitch Denny Post author

    Hi Matthew,

    I haven’t found a work around for that. Ultimately I think that they need to up the limit, even if it was by manual request through the help desk.

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