Status of Technology in Business

The last 48 hours in media news has been interesting (as a casual observer). I heard on the radio this morning that Fairfax was reducing their newspaper distribution to regional and remote communities, instead favouring delivery of the same content via online mediums. This completely makes sense for them as a business. They have had an online presence long enough now to have figured out the business model in the online space.

It used to be that regional newspaper delivery was a necessity, and essential part of the fabric of society. But technology changes all that and the writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

Also related to Fairfax was an e-mail I received from the Australian Financial Review (AFR) stating that they will be no longer producing their monthly magazine “MIS Australia”. Instead they are planning on integrating the essence of that content into a technology section within the AFR.

The whole situation makes me think about the increased importance of having technology representation on company boards to help them understand the impact of emerging technology and suggest out the business can react, if not benefit from the continual changes that it brings.

I read another Fairfax publication, BRW. By virtue of the fact that Readify has previously won BRW Fast 100 (2006, 2007), and BRW Best Places to Work (2010, 2011) I receive a copy of the magazine each week. I find the content very interesting but I often wonder why there isn’t more technology related content. Maybe I should offer to write a column with the CTO perspective!


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