Beware of which Nokia Lumia 800 variant you purchase

I was very excited when the Nokia Lumia 800 was released in Australia. So excited that when I found out that Harvey Norman was carrying them I raced out and purchased one. The problem is that it has now become clear that there is more than one variant of the Nokia Lumia 800.

In my particular case I purchased a device from Harvey Norman, but it appears that the devices being sold by Telstra have been modified to work better with their network. If I had known that there were two variants I would have waited the extra few weeks to pick up a device from Telstra (assuming I could get one off contract).

Right now I have a Nokia Lumia 800, with a Telstra SIM which isn’t fully taking advantage of the Next-G network. To say I’m pissed is a bit of an understatement.

Unfortunately I’m probably going to have to go and buy one of the other Nokia Lumia 800 devices because where I live I really need Next-G as the other options don’t really provide me a decent signal. I really wish mobile device manufacturers and mobile carriers would get their act together.

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