Last day at Readify.

On Friday the 15th of June, 2012 I officially finished working for Readify. I was just shy of my ten year anniversary having worked at the company for 9.9269 years. I was lucky enough for my last day to immediately proceed the biggest event on the Readify calendar, the annual kick-off.

I was honoured to be allowed to attend the event on Saturday and it was great to have the chance to say good-bye face to face to so many of the people that I have worked with over the years. In the evening I made a little speech which I hope went some way to explaining why I was leaving and what the future holds for me. I had previously tweeted that I was unemployed, and perhaps that surprised a few people. I hope this post can provide more context.

Firstly I was not fired. I didn’t storm out and quit, this was not a dramatic exit. I am moving onto my next role soon and I’m sure I’ll post up some of my learnings from that experience as it develops. For now let’s just say that I am leaving Readify on a high.

My role at Readify was hands down the best job that I’ve ever had. So why would I leave? I ask, why not? As a business Readify expects it’s people to get out of their comfort zone, stretch themselves and grow. I’ve personally benefited from this philosophy and when I came across an opportunity to work for an ISV I decided that it is just what I need to once again lift me out of my comfort zone.

I think Readify is destined for great things and I will always be an interested observer and want to see the business and its people do well. Right now however I am going on a separate path working with a team to develop a software product. My experiences from Readify will help me greatly in the future but I am also looking forward to learning more from this next step.

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