Monthly Archives: April 2013

Come to the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in Melbourne on the 27th of April

If you are a Melbourne-based developer and are interested in getting your hands dirty with the Windows Azure platform then come along to the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp on the 27th of April. This is a free full day event being put on locally by Readify and Paradyne with the assistance of Microsoft.

Globally the event has a bunch of great sponsors so we should have some goodies to give away. The main goal of course is to help everyone get up to speed with the platform. Even if you are using the platform already come along and lend a hand, you might even learn something new.

Register your attendance here!

This is a hands on event and we’ve got heaps of people who know the technology coming to help out, so if you’ve got questions bring them. Also bring all your kit so you can actually use the technology.

See you there!