Upcoming Talks at DDD Melbourne and TechEd Australia

For those of you who are interested in catching up, I’m going to be attending DDD Melbourne (20th July 2013) and TechEd Australia (3rd-6th September 2013) this year. Looking forward to catching up with folks.

At DDD Melbourne I’m going to be delivering a hands-on workshop on Windows 8 Apps for Business, and at TechEd Australia I’ll be delivering two sessions. One on Windows 8 Application Architecture for Enterprises, and another on Adding PowerShell Support to Enterprise Applications.

The DDD Melbourne Windows 8 talk and the TechEd Australia talk will be similar in content but delivered slightly differently where the DDD talk will be hands on (and the TechEd talk will be up on stage). I’m particular passionate about the PowerShell talk because although I think that IT pros have now embraced PowerShell, we can do more as software developers to make the solutions we produce more manageable, which is an important piece in the overall DevOps story.

Anyway – see you at DDD Melbourne and TechEd Australia!


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