Monthly Archives: August 2014

Check Yammer before your e-mail.

I am a huge fan of Yammer, but this guidance goes for any enterprise collaboration tool that you might be using. I now receive too many e-mails to keep up with. If I spent my whole day processing e-mail I wouldn’t be able to get through it. So I don’t try anymore.

For this reason I’ve actively been trying to shift more and more of my collaboration to Yammer to try and leverage my network as a way of coping with the volume.

Quite a bit of my e-mail volume is notification messages from Yammer which I will soon be turning off (except for direct e-mails or replies to threads I’ve engaged in) since the Yammer app on my phone uses notifications to let me know about things that I’ll be interested in.

What this means is that I am starting to move to a model where e-mail is more for external organisations who don’t use Yammer (or some other tool). Is Yammer a perfect replacement for e-mail? Nope! Both tools have a place and one of the tricks of being an effective communicator is to know when to use e-mail, phone, Yammer or any other mechanism.

Personally I’m looking forward to caring less about my Inbox.