Nick Randolph on the ACS!

Nick Randolph is a friend of mine and an active member of the ACS. He took the time to respond to my recent post on the Australian Computer Society (it was also in response to this other post of mine). Since Nick didn’t post them on his blog (I wish you did Nick . . .) […]

ACS Membership and Meetings

Michael Still gives a review of a recent ACS meeting he attended in Canberra. He’s come closer than I have to joining the ACS so I found it to be an interesting read. At the moment I am trying to decide whether joining the ACS does anything for me. That sounds kinda selfish but its […]

I’m not an ITIL believer.

Back when I was doing the odd spot of enterprise systems management consulting ITIL was becoming all the rage in both corporate and government settings – in fact some of us were even considering becoming ITIL certified trainers. I actually ended up spending more time in development and never took the ITIL stuff anywhere – […]

Education in IT

Before I start, I need to point out that I am now a member of the ACS – after all that carry on in the past I decided to join and see what it was like. When I joined a whole heap of knowledge didn’t suddenly get sideloaded into my brain and a  wealth of […]