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Shrinklet now hosted on SourceForge

Have you been wondering why I haven’t posted up anything about Shrinklet recently? Of course you were, you were just sitting there on the edge of your seat waiting for more Shrinklet goodness weren’t you.

The reason is that I have been waiting to get Shrinklet approved as a SourceForge project. My initial application was rejected because I didn’t provide enough detail and I didn’t notice the rejection notice so it sat there waiting for clarification.

I am now happy to report that the project page is up and running SourceForge right now and I spent an hour or so migrating the CVS repository over including the historical file versions (minus correct date information).

Feel free to go and check it out. Over the next few days I’ll set up the bug tracking and feature request systems the way I want. I will continue update my source code releases on Darren Neimke’s Project Distributor – actually – I hope over time I’ll be able to move everything over there once they start getting SourceForge like features.

Over the coming weeks I hope to start commiting sources for a 2.0 or 1.1 release (not sure depending on the features that get included), at which point I’ll need to branch the repository to do bug fixes on 1.0 versions.


Shrinklet Released

Hi everyone. I’ve uploaded yet another version of Shrinklet, this time the version number which means there has been a minor enhacement (versus just bug-fixes to date).

One of the issues with the previous version was that if you copied a URL into the clipboard it will still offer to shrink the URL which is kind of pointless.

So, based on the version 2.0 feedback that I received I have created this minor release to detect URLs and display an alternate message balloon.

The nice thing about this is that now when you click on the balloon it will take to you to the appropriate tracking page on

You can download the version of Shrinklet here.

Shrinklet Released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of Shrinklet. No bug fixes in this release but instead a change to use a web-service instead of screen scraping to get the URL from (big thanks to Kyle for setting this up).

As a result I was able to eliminate about 50+ lines of code from the application and at the same time make the application immune to any changes on the pages at (nice!).

At the moment I expect this to be the final 1.0 release as I start looking at other features to add like automatic updates and integration with the tracking features.

In other news, I’ve uploaded the sources for releases to date up to Darren Neimke’s Project Distributor here. Darren’s site is a distribution point for .NET community projects that he and others are working on.

Shrinklet Released

There has been a great response to Shrinklet (thanks for all the GoogleJuice everyone). As with all software, some bugs were uncovered so I am pleased to release THIS version of Shrinklet ( Please download it here. The changes that I made were as follows:

  • No longer crashes when can’t connect to
  • Now uses a compiled regex to match URLs and extract links from
  • Added tracing code to support some remote diagnostics.

If for some reason this version causes problems for you, go ahead and download the previous version.

Shrinklet Released

I have released Shrinklet (download it here). What happened to I hear you ask? Well, if you look more closely at the setup for you will see that it is versioned I could say that this was completely intentional, but that would be lying.

This version only has a few changes:

  • Window no longer visible while doing ALT-TAB (thanks Omer).
  • Icon in the Startup programs folder is now the ugly red arrow.
  • Icon for executable is now the ugly red arrow.
  • Version number of assembly and setup package aligned to

Hope you enjoy . . .

P.S. I am now taking feature requests for Shrinklet, leave suggestions in the comments section.

Shrinklet 1.0.0

I’ve come up with a little utility (download here) which runs as a tray-app which periodically scans the clipboard looking for URLs. When it detects one it pops up a balloon as asks if you would like it shrunk.

 If you click the balloon it will go off and talk to and turn that URL into something smaller. At the same time it will update the clipboard with the smaller URL so you can paste it into whatever document you are working on without having to go to the site, paste in the URL, submit it and copy it back into the clipboard.

If you don’t know what is, check it out! It is a cool little web-app like I was put on to after listening to .NET Rocks! (I think they were using up until then).

Anyway, download the setup file and give it a go, let me know if it rulz or droolz, and to tell others about it.

P.S. Thanks to Kyle Tinsley (blog?) from for making the scraping a little easier and to Darren Neimke from for the regular expressions advice via IM, oh an to Geoff Appleby for being my post man, oh and Hans Blomme (blog?) for his cool NotifyIconXP (link shrunk with Shrinklet ) component. And also . . . *music starts*