Comments Policy

Thank-you for visiting my site. This is my personal site where I post about a variety of topics such as my travels (not nearly enough), the things that I am interested in (typically software development) and my job. I post content to the web for two reasons, firstly as a way to express myself, but also because someone might find some of the content useful – someday. If I am lucky one of my posts will stimulate conversation, and as such comments are most welcome on my blog.

Whilst I welcome comments, there are a few things you, the commenter should know:

  • All comments are moderated; this gives me an opportunity to evaluate the comment against this policy.
  • Use of language; please avoid the use of harsh language and the use of profanity. Flaming or the use of threatening language is not allowed nor will it be tolerated.
  • E-mail addresses and anonymity; I may at my sole discretion decide not to post your comment if you do not leave a valid e-mail address which I can use to contact you. This is especially true if you indulge in criminal, stalker like behaviour.

That’s it for now. I’ll revise this comment policy as necessary over time.

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